Papers accepted

In total, 114 peer reviewed full papers have been accepted for CERI2016, as well as 5 keynote papers. The division by streams, as selected by the authors, are: Bridge 18; Concrete 18; Geotechnical engineering 13; Structures 13; Timber 9; Other materials/technologies 20; Environmental engineering 17; Padegogy 6. A full list of paper titles is given below. A draft timetable for the conference can be found by clicking here.

Submission Title Stream
Detection of train passages during forced vibration testing of bridge structure using energy harvesting technology Bridge
Effect of vehicle velocity on exciting the lateral dynamic response of two-span integral bridges Bridge
Drive-by Bridge Damage Detection Using Curvatures in Uncertain Environments Bridge
Evaluation of bridge safety based on Weigh-in-Motion data Bridge
Advancements of Vibration Based Damage Detection Techniques for Small to Medium Span Bridges Bridge
Interface Shear Behavior of precast prestressed concrete beams with slender webs in beam and slab bridge construction Bridge
Monitoring and Maintenance of the Boyne Viaduct Bridge
Practical Applications of Weigh-in-Motion Data Bridge
Monitoring of Bridges using Computer Vision Methods Bridge
The Influence of Traffic Growth on Bridge Load Effect Forecasting Bridge
Laboratory investigation of contactless displacement measurement using computer vision systems Bridge
Rehabilitation of Haulbowline Bridges, Cork Harbour Bridge
Rehabilitation of Steel Orthotropic Deck Bridges using High Strength Concrete Overlay renovation technique Bridge
An Analysis of a Dataset of 1,400 Bridge Inspections in County Cork Bridge
Implementation of a drive-by monitoring system for transport infrastructure utilising GNSS Bridge
Integrating multivariate techniques in bridge management systems for life-cycle prediction Bridge
Abercorn Bridge - An Innovative Approach to Bridge Remediation Bridge
Arch Bridges under flood conditions, a study of the velocity distributions, and the resulting bed scour. Bridge
Sustainable concrete with 95% recycled and natural components Concrete
Mechanical and thermal evaluation of different types of PCM-concrete composite panels Concrete
Using Photovoltaics to Power Electrochemical Chloride Extraction from Concrete Concrete
Evaluating a new CEM III/A cement for concretes exposed to harsh acid rich environments Concrete
An overview of the development of cement-based batteries for the cathodic protection of embedded steel in concrete Concrete
Resistance of alkali activated slag concretes to chloride environments Concrete
Strength assessment of in-situ concrete for the evaluation of structural capacity: State of the art Concrete
Heat Activated Prestressing of Shape Memory Alloys for Active Confinement of Concrete Sections Concrete
An Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Members in Tension Strengthened with Near Surface Mounted CFRP Strips Concrete
Investigation of the Maturity and Engineering Performance of Self-Compacting Concrete for Pre-cast Elements Concrete
Effect of Steel Fibre Dosage on the Behaviour of Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams and Slabs Concrete
Resistance of alkali activated slag concretes to chloride environments Concrete
The Influence of Basalt Fibres on the Mechanical Properties of Concrete Concrete
An experimental study of the shear behaviour of Ultra-High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete Concrete
The Influence of Short Fibre Additions on the Pullout Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Concrete
Reducing the environmental impact of concrete products, while at the same time saving money Concrete
Development of resilient and environmentally responsible highway infrastructure solutions using geopolymer cement concrete Concrete
Quantification of Multi Risk Scenarios Subjected to Extreme Weather Events Engineering Teaching and Learning
Developing a deeper understanding of structural dynamics Engineering Teaching and Learning
A changing Civil Engineering curriculum at UCD Engineering Teaching and Learning
Clacton and Holland on Sea Coastal Protection Case Study to assess the pros and cons of using BIM on coastal protection schemes Engineering Teaching and Learning
Teaching Engineering Design 1840s - Present Engineering Teaching and Learning
The Pedagogy of Building Information Modelling Engineering Teaching and Learning
Monitoring the internal thermo-hygrometric environment of cathedrals in Ireland Environmental Engineering
Is the development of a Net Zero Energy agricultural dairy farm possible in Ireland? Environmental Engineering
Modelling the effects of Climate Change on historic maritime structures: Howth Harbour's East Pier (Ireland) Environmental Engineering
Development of a high resolution wave model at AMETS using SWAN Environmental Engineering
Tidal Stream Energy Resource Assessment of the Shannon Estuary, Ireland Environmental Engineering
Design process to evaluate potential of wind noise at facade elements Environmental Engineering
Energy Benchmarking in Wastewater Collection and Treatment Environmental Engineering
Low flow analysis of ungauged river catchments in Ireland Environmental Engineering
Evaluation of UV disinfection technologies for water reuse and rainwater harvesting in the Irish dairy industry. Environmental Engineering
Bi-phase methodology for sensitivity analysis of complex models, applied to the model of evaluating resilience in transport networks. Environmental Engineering
Development of a 2D hydrodynamic model to assess the risk of flooding from wave overtopping and tidal inundation of a site in Co. Clare Environmental Engineering
Sediment Transport Modelling on the River Bandon Environmental Engineering
Life cycle assessment of bio-SNG production via a nationwide system of gasification and methanation in Ireland Environmental Engineering
The impact of the Irish dairy processing industry on climate change Environmental Engineering
Effect of aeration rate on laboratory-scale IASBRs treating synthetic dairy processing wastewater Environmental Engineering
The effect of subsurface physical barriers on saltwater intrusion;  towards a new barrier system. Environmental Engineering
Diagnostics and intervention methods for façade retrofit of post-WWII non-domestic buildings in Europe for energy efficiency Environmental Engineering
Some geotechnical characteristics of soft soil deposits along the Terryland River valley Geotechnical Engineering
Performance of Road Embankments on Glacial Deposits in Ireland Geotechnical Engineering
Assessment of Ground Movement for a Deep Excavation in Soft Marine Clay Geotechnical Engineering
Sheet-pile corrosion rates within an existing outfall channel in Dublin Port Geotechnical Engineering
Heave-ho! A laboratory model of an underfloor environment incorporating pyritiferous fill Geotechnical Engineering
Energy transfer ratio of hydraulic pile driving hammers Geotechnical Engineering
Performance testing of novel gravity-base foundation for offshore wind Geotechnical Engineering
The geotechnical properties of the pulverised coal ash produced at Moneypoint Power Station Geotechnical Engineering
Landslide susceptibility assessment for engineered slopes using statistical and deterministic approaches Geotechnical Engineering
Numerical modelling of Cone Penetration Test in Clay using Coupled Eulerian Lagrangian Method Geotechnical Engineering
The treatment of karst features encountered during road construction in County Galway Geotechnical Engineering
The behaviour of a novel dynamically installed anchor during deployment - insights from field tests Geotechnical Engineering
Bearing Capacity beneath tapered blades of open dug caisson in sand Geotechnical Engineering
Flexural response of bamboo-epoxy frames Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
Dynamic analysis of the nonlinear response of high density fuel storage racks Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
The Shelbourne Hotel - Long Term Innovative Treatment of Corroding Steel Frame Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
Application of Image Processing to the Analysis of Congested Traffic Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
Preliminary Investigation into the rate of carbonation of cement blocks under normal production yard conditions Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
An overview of Arup Computational Fluid Dynamics Projects Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
A Simplified System for Assessing the Condition of Irish Regional and Local Roads Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
Generating robust algorithms for energy efficient lighting as a performance aspect of the building operational energy optimisation framework Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
Developing braided FRP reinforcement for concrete structures Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
The Use of Average Least Dimension in Surface Dressing Design. Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
The Introduction and Implementation of Mobile Retroreflectivity Measurement of Pavement Markings in Ireland. Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
Drive-by inference of railway track longitudinal profile using accelerometer readings taken by in-service vehicles Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
Characterisation and water aging of composite materials for tidal turbine blades Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
Understanding the microstructure of alternative binder systems - banahCEM a metakaolin based geopolymer Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
Potential applications for image-based systems in structural engineering Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
Risk assessment for an Italian road network due to an extreme earthquake hazard scenario and the associated landslide cascading effects Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
Building performance evaluation of domestic energy efficient retrofits in current and future climates Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
The testing of aggregate for use in road surface materials Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
Large Scale Structural Testing of Wind Turbine Blades Manufactured Using a One-Shot Out-Of-Autoclave Process Other Civil Engineering Materials & Technologies
Evaluation of Seismic Damages for Unreinforced Masonry Structures in Turkey Structures
Recommendations for Numerical Modelling of Concentrically Braced Steel Frames with Gusset Plate Connections subjected to Earthquake Ground Motion Structures
Improving finite element implementation in topology optimisation Structures
Bridge Damage Detection using Moving Force Identification Structures
Evaluation of camera calibration techniques for quantifying damage Structures
How accurate are Building Energy Ratings for predicting the energy use of existing residential buildings? Structures
Behaviour of hybrid concrete lattice girder flat slab system using insitu structural health monitoring Structures
Large inelastic cyclic testing of the gusset-plate brace member assemblies in ultra-low cycle fatigue regime Structures
Experimental investigation and numerical modelling of domestic scale wind turbine blades Structures
Stress analysis of welded steel catenary risers Structures
The Four Courts, Dublin - Innovative Monitoring and Long Term Repair Techniques Structures
Seismic Design and Performance of Non-structural Elements Structures
Timber/steel composite members in multi-storey buildings under standard fire test loadings Timber
Distribution of stresses along the length of BFRP rods glued-in to Irish Sitka Spruce Timber
Considerations for the Design of Bending Active Timber Gridshells Timber
A Review of the State of the Art of Timber Gridshell Design and Construction Timber
Viscoelastic Creep of FRP Reinforced Glulam Timber
The effects of planting density on the structural timber properties of 23-year-old Irish-grown Sitka spruce Timber
Mechanical characterization of green Sitka spruce logs Timber
Probabilistic Climate Change Adaptation Analysis for Timber Power Pole Infrastructure Timber
Potential for Medium Rise Timber Structures in Ireland Timber

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